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marck oostra
Marck is doing nicely.

Marck plays a role in the new Dick Maas-thriller Quiz and was awarded for his role in Beet!.

A role in Quiz

In Quiz, the new thriller by Dick Maas featuring a.o. Barry Atsma and Pierre Bokma, Marck plays the manager in whose restaurant a drama comes to pass.

‘Funny as it may sound for a comparatively unknown actor, I had little experience in supporting roles until 2011. All the more there was to learn and savour for me on Quiz… Go see it in a cinema near you, on from March 22nd, 2012!’

…and an award.

Odd enough, a couple of weeks after the shooting of Quiz, Marck was distinguished at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht for a different supporting role…

In Beet!, yet another well-awarded short film by previous ‘best film’-winner Hans Groenendijk and Groener Gras Producties, Marck plays the grumpy pen-pusher Ingmar Talis. From no fewer than 52 competing films in the 48 Hour Film Project, the jury honored Marck for this part as best actor in a supporting role.

‘A great honour – especially because I, for me, feel that lead actors Eric Bouwman and Yoka Verbeek deliver much more admirable performances in Beet!. And do check out the justly awarded cinematography by Edwin Kentie, too!’