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Actor & scriptwriter

Marck who…??

Marck Oostra already impressed the press as a four-year-old, as young Orestes in “Iphigenia at Aulis”.
Three years later, he wrote his first scenario.

Acting and writing have gone hand-in-hand for Marck ever since.

As an actor, Marck gleaned his education from Utrecht (School of the Arts), Maastricht (Theatre Academy), London (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts), Amsterdam (a.o., Joe Weston and Helmert Woudenberg) and Hollywood (American Academy of Dramatic Arts). He has a rare gift of languages and a hobby for accents: he acts with as much ease and persuasiveness in other languages and dialects as in Standard Educated Dutch.
Insofar as Marck is known with the audience at large, it is from roles in TV-series like Juliana 2 and De coassistent, comedies, soaps and, last but not least, commercials: his role as Freek-with-his-legs-in-plaster even got Marck into top-ranking TV-show De wereld draait door. In Dutch and foreign film- and theatre-productions, he was moreover asked to play literally God and the devil, and everything in between. February 2010 saw the release of Raymond van Rijns long-awaited epic In the Fire of the Storm (Dutch title: ‘In het Vuur van de Storm’), in which Marck plays Dutch officer of the German Sicherheitsdienst Gerard Wilder. And in Dick Maas’ thriller Quiz, which is released in 2012, Marck is the manager of a fancy restaurant, which becomes the backdrop to a macabre game between Barry Atsma and Pierre Bokma.
On 29th September 2011, at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht, Marck was honored as best actor in a supporting role of the 48 Hour Film Project for his role as Ingmar Talis in Beet!.

Marck has written scripts for several plays and a few short films. He has a number of feature-length film-projects on the stocks, in which a.o. Ruud van Megen coached him. He is proud to have Robin Pera and Raymond van Rijn as his co-writers on these.

Film is Marck’s great love. He is fond of the authenticity that the eye of the camera demands, and of directors who pursue this with heart and soul.
Directors, in turn, are fond of Marck’s devotion to the collective achievement and of his keen sense for ‘what works’, but above all of his intense, multi-layered, balanced acting.
The comparisons with Rowan Atkinson (a.o., by Paul Ruven) in comic, and with Kevin Spacey (a.o., by Raymond van Rijn) in dramatic roles, flatter Marck’s honour. Meanwhile, he himself prefers to imitate Marlon Brando – whom, for that matter, he doesn’t resemble a bit.